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About any turn on the human run it is common that a human boy or girl is destined to do something different from others and when the boy or girl is himself or herself make a different wing from others it become a center stage in other’s eyes. So that in case of Kartik who eventually passed his childhood with disability phenomena. After a youth feeling among him he missed the wishes as he could not make a difference from others as he was different by self. But at last he found a wing to prove his ability behind each disability.

Kartik makes a weak journey suffering from fever in early childhood which illuminated his health to close his eyes short and from the day he was sick. He awakes 20 days after bed rest and from those days he missed his hearing quality and suffered from disability. SNDAYP eventually found remedy with ISL and speech decorations which made kartika’s debut easy to participate in different job oriented activities and the membership of disable people’s organization.