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Parents are very expectant from the children those satisfy the aim and goal of life for themselves meant for family happiness. It is quite obvious that we should measure our performance for the parents. When ever we fail to make the parents dream come true then the parents became hopeless. So far to make success the dreams of the family and the parents we deserve the best thought for ourselves and make the way happened constructive.

In case of Biswajit it was also similar when the child seemed as the victim of the cerebral palsy due to some complication in pregnancy of his mother. In due course the mother who did not follow the safety measure of the doctor’s consultation during the natal period for which the child was born with disability. Gradually under the identification of the child by the doctor that, the child unable to stand the parents became hopeless. Doctor said that it can be curable and can be made over through exercise and therapy. Then a hope among the parents to provide the child facilities of therapy and exercise was rouse. With the help of SNDAYP the child became easy with standing the walking.