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In this financial year 2013-14 we let the interventions to be more strategic for the benefits of the grass root level population basically the Persons with Disabilities (PWDs). The planning for the sake and welfare of the PWDs/CWDs costs on an enforcement of their empowerment under unitary basis.

Then we see our major work force for unification of scattered people with disabilities under social and economic education. In this regard we coordinated 26 GPs in Puri Sadar Block in rural areas and urban slums in Puri district ensuring their participation and involvement deserving equal opportunities with the common people. It was under that challenge to share and improve knowledge with others within different rural & urban communities in support of the people loosed differ-ent opportunities.

In sort of activities within the beneficiary circles we came out to ask for support from the local administration, governance and line departments. It also were realized a kind of disconnections in some times otherwise continuing a regular process of linkages.

We however came across major barriers of social, economic and human resource management under political applications which also made clear our vision to concentrate our activities. We have at a better understanding with the local governance and the line department including different gram panchayats to initiate any kind of social interventions. ANMs, Anganwadi workers, SHGs, CBOs, youth leaders (volunteers) also contributed in their part of seek to support as a major mile stone in SNDAYP’s way of contending activities.