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Come across many years of interventions we decidedly entered this FY’ 11-12 for the benefit of our target population. This year of hope created much of our intensions towards better management both at field level and administrative level with the cooperation and support of organizational governance.

In focus to Disability we let the issues to be concerned at different national & international level desks in support of our partnering GOs & NGOs. The issues were addressed under the kind of rehabilitation of both the Person with Disabilities & Children with Disabilities being entrusted with different planning and coordination. We also found us quite understood about the economic empowerment of rural poor women youths promoting different vocational training programmes.

We worked with panchayat, block, district and state level stakeholders for which we conducted several interactions of sensitization regarding knowledge transformation on lobby. Connecting to grass root level people, organizations & power structures we introduced voluntary overseas services in reconstruction, polishing and modernizing our existing management of activities.