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Parents are always hopeful for a child who is sincerely do his work with own understanding. At that moment he always tried to maintain balance with other members of the family. But it is quite impossible when we face any problem physically and mentally. During the pregnancy and natal period maximum mothers are faced complex problems. So far they are given birth a weak or disable child. Tracing out all these things in the organized way we have to make them out of this incident and take them to a better tomorrow.

Anant was born under force and released pain during the time of birth which mothers are less expectant about the situation. Following this trace the child might born with some disability in his body. So we have already planned way to provide the mothers about the thoughts to make the real interests in child to give the child proper natal care and the time produced methods of exercise, consultation and the medication, so that the child may effectively recover the disable phenomena. After the birth of the child if it is found with disability then there would be some therapy, exercise and medication for supporting the child.