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When we fasten our vision we find better opportunities and when we miss to address these opportunities it takes too much time once again to be found like it. So we should take opportunity of different social sectors and even third parties who voluntarily come down to support in the helpless situations.

Just like in case of Amina where SNDAYP counted the support and provided this CP child to his real debut to see life under his short and thin or weak dreams. The CP child Amina was provided exercise, counseling and medication to recover his illness and neck control. The therapy was provided regularly to take on no chance of failure in any part of body control. After providing the child better control over living skills the staffs or CBRW of SNDAYP regularly undertaken follow up to support the parents learning on follow up for their child. Gradually it came out of the control of CP to quite normal stage where the parents expected from the organization to provide support on vocational trainings.