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30 female SHG members took training on design development of appliqué product for 11 days of Puri sadar block in the month of February which was supported by NABARD and organized by SNDAYP. The resource person gave different inputs and techniques for a good and attractively designed appliqué to the members. EDP trainer dwelt on making bulk purchases of raw materials and keeping track of the sale proceeds and maintaining books of accounts for the same. Now the members are doing it very well and saying that they are profitable with this production with no time to spare.

30 beneficiaries of the Puri sadar block also took training on vegetable and fruit cultivation for 6 days that was also provided by NABARD in the month of February 2015. Resource person from horticulture department gave the technical training regarding selection of seeds, digging of pit, use of bio-compost and pesticide and green fencing, watering. The EDP trainer gave training on selection of market, less cost on transportation, survey of market, use of cool storage to keep the vegetables fresh.

He advised to keep track of expenditure and income for proper analysis at the end of the season. He also said that mini cool storage equipment is provided by the horticulture office with some governmental guideline.