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Social Audit has been conducted in 26 Gram Panchayat (GP) of Puri Sadar Block during the month of April and May, 2013 by SNDAYP. The objec-tive of so-cial audit was to as-certain the numbers of job card al-lotted to the people of the par-ticular vil-lage under Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (MGNREGA), Timely Payment to the Job card holder, The Dis-abled Pension Scheme under Indira Gandi Disabled Pension Scheme (IGDP) and Madhubabu Pension Scheme supported by Govt. of Odisha.

During the audit the Community Based Rehabilitation Workers (CBRWs) suggested that each Gram Panchayat(GP) should issue job cards to all disabled persons either male or female to per-form the jobs as per their capacity. He urged the villagers that a disabled person be allotted with the tasks of supplying drink-ing water and taking care of babies in the rest shed as provided by in the MGNREGA. This was accepted by the Panchayat func-tionaries and they promised that a resolution to this effect will be passed in the subsequent meeting of the Panchayat.