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Securing Livelihoods of Low Mobility Persons of Development:

NDAYP prepared a project to empower PWDs to gen-erate income through Banana, Papaya and Pumpkin cultivation. All these crops have important food ingredients and high market de-mand. SNDAYP’s plan was to cultivate these above varieties of fruits in 2000 sq. ft. area. The objective of the project is to generate self employ-ment, income and improve the food availability for 100 PWDs and their families. Secondly the increased knowledge and capacity of the 100 PWDs in health, nutrition, organic and modern farming technologies was ensured. It also seeks to create linkage with bank and knowledge about record keeping. The project supported by VSO, International and has been launched in 5 GPs of Puri Sadar block of Puri district of Odisha All the beneficiaries belong to agricultural families and some were involved in agricultural activities according to their physical capacities.

The net profit was shared among the family members. But in this case the PWD is the owner and sole proprietor of Disabled People Organization has been formed in Puri sadar block. Their activities in an un conducive situation are a record milestone. The term Dis-ability has just not defeated them.

Livelihood Support to PWDs

The project Securing livelihood and improved health & nutrition of PwDs and their families through vegetable cultivation seeks to address food and nutrition by em-powering PwDs grow their own food on commercial basis and contribute to their family income. The PwDs would retain vegetables produced by them for their own consumption and sell the surplus in the market. The crops targeted are banana, Pumpkin and Papaya, all important crops for small and marginal farmers. Bananas have great socio-economic and religious significance and are the fourth important food ingredient in terms of gross value exceeded only by rice, wheat and milk products.

Sensitization meetings of DPOs, the parent body have been organized. Distributions of seedlings, tool kits, bio-fertilizers and communication materials to the beneficiaries have taken place. Scientists from Krishi Bigyan Kendra (KBK) resource persons from ATMA and Horticulture department have visited the fields and interacted with the farmers. Out of 350 beneficiaries 217 have so far established vegetable gardens.

VSO, India has also supported this organization to set up sixty accessible toilets for persons with disabilities and two Community Rehabilitation clinics (with community information centre and RTI clinic) in the Sadar block of Puri district. Loco motor disables will be immensely benefited because they can go inside the toilet with wheel chairs and tri cycles. Twenty numbers of accessible toilets are under construction and nearing completion. Community Rehabilitation Clinic has already been established at Puri town and chandanpur Bazar.