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SNDAYP is a non profit making and social organisation working for the minority groups of the community since it’s inception 1994-95. The main aim of the organisation to uplift the life of the persons with disabilities and other minorities of the community and integrate them in the community part. Apart from that SNDAYP also undertaken different disaster activities for sake of the community. And it has successfully completed the disaster response activities in puri district with the support of different NGOs and partner organisations of SNDAYP like The Hans Foundation (THF) and Handicap International (HI) in puri district. In the year 2013-14 Odisha has been severely affected by the cyclone PHAILINE and with the active support of HI, SNDAYP done their response activities at pirijipur panchayat of Krishna Prasad block of Puri district. Near about 567 relief materials, 120 livelihood support, 80 financial support of Rs.7500.00 and 16 disable and disaster friendly houses to the phailine victims of pirijipur gp. Side by side with the support of THF  we have supported 2000 baby foods, 2000 turpaulines, 2000 solar lamps, 2000 sanitary napkins and first aid medicines, health check-up camps and 2000 dry food packets etc has been facilitated in puri municipality and Sadar block of puri district.

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