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HIV/AIDS awareness programme:

The HIV/AIDS awareness programme was undertaken in Puri Sadar Block of Puri district. Total 56 villages and 7 GPs were covered and the messages were disseminated regarding to prevention and control of HIV/AIDS. The high risk populations were sensitized through interpersonal communication and contact. The behavior change communication methodology was adopted through the distribution of leaflets, brochures and the pamphlets. The stakeholders were sensitized about to provide the knowledge and ideas for the prevention and control of the HIV/AIDS sensitizing the community organizations. Various resource agencies and the line departments were invited to support the programme. 6 rallies, 6 street plays and 3 public meetings were organized at different places of Puri Sadar Block covering targeted 6 GPs. The community leaders, PRIs, CBOs, SHGs, ANMs, AWWs and other community organizations were involved to share a good deal of resource sharing.

Consumer Awareness Programme:

Everywhere in India the consumers are exploited in their daily life. But the scenario is very high in rural areas. Especially in SC, ST community & Person with disability are exploited due to their ignorance and insufficient knowledge about consumer protection rights. With this backdrop SNDAYP organized consumer awareness program at 7 GPs of Puri sadar Block of Puri District. 7 rallies, 7 street plays and 7 public meetings were organized to make the people aware the consumers regarding the consumer protect Act as one of their rights. The consumers were sensitized about the real value of the product, real weight of the product and the best for use in time schedule. The consumers were aware that they can challenge the violation of rights by any miscreants at the consumer court. Presently the consumer counseling center is working which assistance may be taken for protecting the rights. The community leaders, PRIs and the stakeholders were sensitized and invited to support the programme with their participation and involvement. The resource persons were invited to share the knowledge and ideas with the consumers on every consumable

Critical Awareness for the Protection of Rights of Women with Disability :

The women with disability are the only special group of our social establishment whose rights are mostly violated by each and every person. So SNDAYP started awareness campaign with the support of SMRC in Puri district for the protection of the rights of the WWDs. The public meetings, rallies, completions among the school children’s, workshops and the capacity building trainings were conducted for the empowerment of the WWDs. The critical awareness with the allied system, administration and the line departments were undertaken. The resource persons from the SMRC and SNDAYP were also supported this programme through their knowledge and experience to mobilize the WWDs towards the formation of groups and take advantages of the existing schemes and the facilities of government.