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SNDAYP is a non-governmental social development organization established in 1994 by a handful of energetic and enthusiastic youth at the village level. The organisation seeks to positively change and uplift the lives of the most marginalized and oppressed section of the society by advocating for equity, health, peace, education and dignity of life for the disadvantaged including women and children especially those that are double disadvantaged by having disability. The organisation currently implements projects in Puri Sadar block, Puri district, State of Orissa.

SNDAYP has been able to achieve the above objectives through Individual Rehabilitation plans and individual non-residential specialist therapy for Children with disability (CWDs). Disabled Persons Organisations (DPOs) were also formed and strengthened and their capacity and linkages built for advocacy and lobbying both government state organs and service providers. These DPOs also play a major role in lobbying policies that would secure the rights of people with disability. This include infrastructural development to enable accessibility to private and public buildings and in monitoring and evaluating service provision and holding the state to account. Needs assessments and development of Individual rehabilitation plans have been realised in support to health and equitability in relation to prevention, early detection, diagnosis and treatment of disability, including improving mobility, sight and hearing through relevant access to aids and appliances. Through group activities, PWDs have increased their participation and involvement in family & community events and traditional institutions organised by their families and community at large.

Through creative and innovative solutions, SNDAYP has been able to mobilise local funding and community resources to facilitate fabrication and improvement of home grown solutions that enhance mobility such as CP rollers, standing frames, special sitters etc depending on the specific needs.

SNDAYP has been and continues working towards the economic empowerment of People and children with disability through micro- enterprise development and training in business management and financial literacy, vocational training for school drop outs and young adults and also by environmental conservation through training in  organic farming. CWDs have also secured education sponsorships.

Overall, SNDAYP has been able to protect people and children with disabilities and enable overall social inclusion within the family and wider society.